The Transformative Journey


BE Light Transformative Therapy is the work of Tara Bianca.

Throughout her years as a therapist, Tara Bianca has been drawn to many approaches that access the human body on its various planes of complexity. BE Light Transformative Therapy is the amalgamation of all those approaches. Her focus is on improved postural alignment, improved breathing, somato-emotional release, positive self-talk, stress reduction and food choices that support a healthy weight and a healthy immune system.


To empower individuals to reach their highest potential, so that they may go on to transform their communities, and that their communities may go on to transform the world.

The BE Light Approach.

The human body is so remarkably intelligent and resilient. If given the proper environment, not only can it start to heal itself, it can also reveal its potential for greatness. BE Light Transformative Therapy strives to create such an environment by educating people on techniques for stress management and the creation of new neural pathways. Humans are a collection of patterns and habits; some beneficial and some not. There are movement patterns, postural patterns, thought patterns, emotional response patterns, eating patterns, etc. Through BE Light Transformative Therapy, the goal is to replace the patterns that are not serving you, in order to be physically fitter, measurably healthier, happy, peaceful and full of purpose.

Learn to move, breathe, eat and BE in a way that frees you from the stressors of a modern lifestyle.

About Tara Bianca

I am a licensed massage therapist, having graduated from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences. I specialize in myofascial release, where I work to improve biomechanics and postural alignment. I have a degree in psychology from New York University and am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I trained to be a coach in the field of holistic health. I am a Transformational Breath® Facilitator, a certified personal trainer and former dancer, well-acquainted with various movement forms. I am a sound therapist and amateur musician, fascinated with the effects of sound and vibration on the body and mind. I also have an extensive background in essential oil science, which I utilize to produce a line of organic, therapeutic body products.

Who are my clients?

Clients who work with me are active participants in their own health transformation. They are extremely motivated to arrive punctually to every session, learn about their bodies and minds, be compliant with their self-care exercises between sessions and make every attempt to integrate what they have learned into their lifestyles. They understand the dedication it requires to create invaluable changes in their lives.


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