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Get to Know Your Oils: GINGER

When you cut a slice of fresh ginger, you are met with its beautiful golden yellow color and are immediately enveloped by its warm, spicy aroma.

Fresh ginger is known as one of the herbs (or rhizomes, in this case) of longevity, as it is so beneficial to your health. Ginger is an amazing anti-inflammatory agent, helping to deal with muscle and joint pain. Because of its warming quality, it is particularly helpful with varying forms of arthritis.

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Why I’m Mad About Myofascia

Myofascia has been quite a buzz word for the past 10 years or so. It has completely revolutionized the fitness world and altered how people stretch. It has had an enormous impact on how we see form, biomechanics, range of motion and referral pain. It is singly responsible for the creation and sale of hundreds of different mobility tools and seeming torture devices for opening and stretching it. But what is it? Where had it been hiding before 10 years ago?And why am I such a huge fan?

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The Power of Postural Assessment: How to Improve Sexiness AND Brainstem Function

A number of studies on how we perceive beauty have shown that we tend to find faces of great symmetry to be the most attractive.  But does that same rule apply to the entire body? And if so, what is the anthropological reasoning for that? More importantly, what does symmetry tell us about our health and what steps can we take to improve it? Read More

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