Bodywork & Qi Gong

Myofascial Release

Using the heat and pressure of my hands, without any oil or cream, this technique melts the connective tissue matrix that surrounds every cell of your body, and allows me to remold it in order to release pain and free up range of motion. This work is very patient, slow and sustained, but is well worth the time.

I find myofascial release to be unmatched in terms of making long-lasting changes in the soft tissue system of the body. It is wonderful for encouraging biomechanical corrections, for properly aligning the posture, for releasing scar tissue and for accessing long-forgotten physical and emotional traumas that are affecting you below your awareness.


Customized Myofascial Release

For the client serious about creating change in his/her body, a customized session is the most effective way for establishing and applying a long-term therapeutic treatment plan. The first session will be 2 hours in length, split between a complete postural/movement evaluation and an initial treatment.

Leg Detail

2 hours focused just on the legs, from hip to foot. This is an extraordinary treatment for runners, dancers, people who spend the bulk of the day on their feet, or generally active individuals. Try it because you need leg work, because you love leg work or because you are simply curious.  Walk away understanding how the tension in your legs impacts your entire body. 

5-Series Myofascial Realignment

Everyone deserves the gift of having his/her entire body opened, realigned and reintegrated. To offer that possibility, I invite you to schedule a 5-series, having a session once per day for 5 days, once per week for 5 weeks, or some combination thereof. Each 90-minute session will focus on a different area of the body.

Arm Detail

2 hours devoted to everything from the shoulders to the hands. This treatment would be amazing for manual therapists, musicians, office workers, manual laborers or anyone who has fallen prey to his/her phone or computer. Come feel how releasing tension in these areas also creates relaxation throughout your head, neck, jaw and back.

Self-Myofascial Release

If you have experienced the power of myofascial release and want to sustain the benefits between sessions, come let me teach you how to use mobility tools to open all the fascial lines of your body. Each 60-minute session will offer you invaluable insight and leave you with an excellent self-care protocol.

Cranio-Facial Detail

This 1 hour session will begin with an assessment of the cranium and face, followed by an in-depth treatment of the entire head. This treatment would be excellent for people suffering with TMJ dysfunction, migraines, ear and eye issues, neck pain, nervous system issues, cloudy thinking, as well as people who want to experience touch in this area.

Customized sessions require 2 hours for the initial visit to review your health history, conduct a full physical assessment and have an excellent treatment.

Sound Bowl Therapy

A combination of vibration and sound, this modality sends gentle waves throughout the entire body. Hand-crafted brass bowls are placed on the body, along the spine, limbs, chest and abdomen and gently struck with a mallet. The result is an incredibly relaxing experience that often brings the client into a meditative or sleep state. This therapy may be excellent for reducing anxiety and stress, improving sleep and managing pain. The more one experiences the bowls, the easier and more quickly one can relax and the more effective the bowls become. To encourage this cumulative effect, I offer a package rate for sound bowl sessions.

Qi Gong

This ancient Chinese method goes back thousands of years and is closely tied to Traditional Chinese Medicine, used as a philosophy for life, a preventative care strategy and as a medical intervention. Qi Gong has thousands of forms from many different influences, but the forms I teach are designed as moving meditations; a way of aligning the body, focusing the mind, integrating the breath, calming the spirit and learning to cultivate vital internal energy.



The 3 Treasures

This beautiful form works every single one of the 14 energetic meridians and emphasizes the idea of universal oneness. In using movements representative of Heaven, Earth and Human, this form harmonizes the body, mind and soul, encouraging us to live as calm, happy and pain-free versions of ourselves.


Turtle & Snake

These two animal forms are a very important coupling, symbolic of longevity. The exercises that represent them are performed in order to cultivate and nourish strong life energy. These two forms are incredibly peaceful with a gentle, yet energizing flow.

There is no Qi Gong class scheduled at this time. Private sessions are available in person or by Skype.



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