Myofascial Release

In a myofascial release session, I will first use the heat and pressure of my hands to melt the connective tissue matrix that surrounds every cell of your body. Then I will remold that tissue in order to release pain and improve range of motion. This results in long-lasting biomechanical and postural changes, thus fostering a sense of lightness and ease.


Customized Myofascial Release

A customized session is the most effective way to establish a long-term treatment plan. With that goal in mind, each session will be split between a postural evaluation and a hands-on therapeutic treatment.

 60-Minute Session  $160
90-Minute Session  $240
120-Minute Session  $320

Myofascial 4-Series

The 4-Series is an opportunity to receive a customized myofascial release session once every 1 to 2 weeks. Feel how the cumulative effect of regular treatment creates ease in your body.

4 x 60-Minute Session  $560
4 x 90-Minute Session  $860
4 x 120-Minute Session  $1,160
(All 4-Series must be used within 8 weeks.)

Self-Myofascial Release

Learn how to best maintain your unique fascial body between treatments. Each 60-minute session will offer you invaluable insights in order to create an excellent self-care protocol.

60-Minute Session  $100

It is strongly encouraged that you book a 2-hour session for your initial visit. This will allow sufficient time to review your health history, conduct a full physical assessment and have an excellent treatment.

Session Availability

Wednesday; 2PM-8PM
Thursday; 11AM-8PM
Friday; 11AM-6PM

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