Transformational Breath®

Most simply, Transformational Breath® is a quick-paced, open-mouthed, full-belly, diaphragmatic breath. This breathing practice improves the biomechanics of your breathing, increases your lung capacity and supports your immune system by helping to expel toxicity built up in the body.

But beyond the physical benefits, Transformational Breath® also has the potential to help reveal and restructure your subconscious beliefs; integrate your emotional wounds; and connect you more powerfully with your intuition and soul’s purpose. 


Individual Breath Session

Each session will consist of an explanation of the technique, a discussion of your personal needs, specific intention-setting, an hour of guided breathing, a safe space for assimilating the work and a moment to ground before re-entering the more hurried pace of everyday life. 

 Transformational Breath® Session  $200
(First-Timers – 90-120 Minutes/
Experienced Breathers – 75-90 Minutes
Shared Session for 2 People  $100/Person
(Experienced Breathers Only)

Breath 3-Series

The more accustomed one becomes to this breath technique, the more effective the breath becomes. To encourage the cumulative benefit that comes from making Transformational Breath® a regular practice, I offer a 3-Series. This consists of one session every 1 to 2 weeks.

3 x 75-Minute Session  $570
Shared Session for 2 People  $285/Person
(3-Series must be used within 6 weeks)

Breath 5-Series

The 5-Series is a beautiful gift to give yourself. It shows a true commitment to the process of inner transformation and a genuine curiosity about the transformative potential of engaging in a regular breathing practice. It consists of one session every 1 to 2 weeks. 

5 x 75-Minute Session  $900
Shared Session for 2 People  $450/Person
(5-Series must be used within 10 weeks)

It is strongly recommended that breathers new to Transformational Breath® book a minimum of 3 sessions, in order to fully experience the amazing potential benefits. 

Session Availability

Sunday; 11AM-8PM

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