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Get to Know Your Oils: MINT

As we welcome in these long, warm days of summer, we simultaneously invite the elements of nature that will help keep us cool and balanced. One of the most obvious examples of this is MINT.

Did you know that there are over 600 varieties of mint? This prolific herb has an astounding spectrum of aromatic and flavor characteristics; ranging from chocolate to pineapple to orange.

Brewed as a hot or cold tea, used to flavor ice cream or chopped into salads, mint always adds a refreshing note. Read More

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Get to Know Your Oils: ROSEMARY

Rosemary. For many, the word is unspectacular; it simply calls to mind the common herb found in many a garden and at almost any market, even the most poorly stocked.

Yet I invite you to see and experience this herb with new perspective.

Rosemary stems from a warm, Mediterranean climate, yet it has adapted beautifully to the colder regions of the world. It has been utilized medicinally for hundreds of years to remove impurities and evil thoughts, to encourage remembrance, as a defense against plague and as a protection against physical harm.

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Get to Know Your Oils: OXIDES

Normally we smell something long before we see it. In fact, our noses often direct our eyes where to look and our feet where to walk; either toward a desirable smell or away from an undesirable one. Yet I feel we often take our sense of smell for granted.

I was just reading an amazing article on the learning capabilities of deaf-blind children. These extraordinary human beings, who are not able to rely on the typically dominant senses of sight and hearing, become quite reliant on their sense of smell.

These children use the chemical signals that come in through their noses as information for identifying the various people in their lives and for anticipating activities that they are about to experience.
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Get to Know Your Oils: FLOWERS & RESINS

This month I have been teaching a lot about the potential for healing on multiple levels. When it comes to the process of emotional healing, there are so many essential oils that can be called upon to act as a tremendous support team.

For that reason, instead of choosing a single oil to highlight, I wanted to write about 2 specific groups: Flowers & Resins.

When it comes to cleaning up old, emotional wounds, opening the heart, releasing anger and finding forgiveness, essential oils distilled from flowers and tree resins are there to love and support you on your journey. These oils not only help us to be more compassionate, empathetic and receptive to others, but they also help us to be more loving and accepting of ourselves.

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Get to Know Your Oils: GINGER

When you cut a slice of fresh ginger, you are met with its beautiful golden yellow color and are immediately enveloped by its warm, spicy aroma.

Fresh ginger is known as one of the herbs (or rhizomes, in this case) of longevity, as it is so beneficial to your health. Ginger is an amazing anti-inflammatory agent, helping to deal with muscle and joint pain. Because of its warming quality, it is particularly helpful with varying forms of arthritis.

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