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Creation vs Competition

I once had a coach who appeared to me like an angel in my life. He taught me so many things about myself and the power of perception. One of the most critical (and life-changing) concepts he presented to me was the idea of competition versus creation.

Creation vs Competition

In a world where we see a massive disparity between rich and poor, where millions of people go to bed hungry every night and where there is constant fear of the depletion of natural resources, it is no wonder that we have a mindset of competition.

The problem is that competition keeps us stuck in a place of fear, anxiety, constant worry and scarcity. And it is no wonder! We are made to believe that there are not enough resources, money, happiness, love, success in the world for everyone to have some.

Anyone who has mastered the art of manifestation knows a very different truth. There are more than enough resources for everyone to live the life of their dreams, but a shift in mindset from one of competition to one of creation is essential.

If you are creating, you are writing the story of your life from your own imagination and taking actions to move yourself closer to that ideal. The thoughts, feelings and opinions of those around you who do not have your mind, do not share your imagination and cannot possibly understand your vision, have no place in influencing you. Let them focus on creating their own ideal life.

If you are creating, you do not need to feel a race against time, a race against a competing brand or a race against those who seemingly have more resources than you; you are creating your own unique path to your ideal goal and the universe is happy to provide for you, always with perfect timing that you yourself could not predict.

There is No Competition

Your creation is unique. It is easy to talk yourself off the path of your ideal life with thoughts such as:

“So many other people are already doing that exact thing.”
“Who am I to try to create such an impact in the world?”
“I am not smart enough and don’t have enough connections to make this work.”

Those are the thoughts of someone in competition with everyone else. Those thoughts are guaranteed to leave you feeling hopeless, lost and anxious about your life’s path and purpose.

The truth is, even with 7.5 billion people on the planet, no one else has your mind, your heart and your intentions. Your desired creation is 100% authentic because it arose from your past experiences, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotional decisions, your belief systems, your mindset and your intention; it arose from your imagination.

Written Exercise

Declarations are powerful because they keep you focused on your strengths and personal goals, instead of on all the competition out there that can potentially prevent you from reaching your ideal life.

A. Declarations. Write 3 declarative statements right now that support your ideal life and keep you in the creation mindset.


  • “I am a powerful creator of my own reality.”
  • “My unique talent makes the world a better place.”
  • “The work that I am creating helps me and countless individuals in my community have a
    better quality of life.”

The Inner Self-Critic – A Halt to the Creation Process

Because our thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions, beliefs about ourselves and beliefs about the world are all integral to the reality we create around us, it is essential that we check our inner critic if we want to achieve a happy and fulfilled life.

  • If you are striving for financial abundance, but believe that the pursuit of material gain is the source of evil and greed in the world, you will have a challenging time creating wealth.
  • If you long for a mate who is loving and supportive, but you have a belief that you are not worthy of love, it will be challenging to create the loving relationship you desire.
  • If you desire to hold a position of influence, yet you believe you are stupid or that your voice is powerless, you will struggle to create such a position.

We all have things we would like to change about ourselves; it is part of our ego’s laborious search for perfection; our ego’s resistance to realizing that we are already perfect as we are. But it is important to realize how this inner self-criticism impacts the decisions we make, the actions we take, and consequently the results we obtain.

Written Exercises

Take a moment and acknowledge your own self-criticism. You will not be able to shift your critical inner talk until you become aware of its existence.

B. Self-Criticism. Please write 5 criticisms you have of yourself. I would also like you to put a year next to each one, noting when that particular criticism began for you.


  • 1. I am not pretty enough. (Age 13)
  • 2. I am not smart enough. (Age 9)
  • 3. I am not lovable. (Age 18)
  • 4. No one hears me when I speak. (Age 5)
  • 5. I am not worthy of success. (Age 16)

CEffects of Criticism. Choose one criticism from exercise B. Use it to answer the below questions:

  • 1. How long has this criticism been impacting your life?
  • 2. What are the physical symptoms you experience due to this criticism?
  • 3. What are the emotional symptoms you experience due to this criticism?
  • 4. Name one way this criticism prevents you from taking an action you would otherwise like to take.
  • 5. Name one way this criticism effects the other people in your life.
  • 6. Name one way your life would be different if you did not have this criticism.

D. Pause to Reflect. Take a moment to reflect on what you have just discovered about yourself. Use the questions below to guide your reflection:

  • How does it feel to write the above criticisms & their impact on your life?
  • How does it feel to read them out loud?
  • Where do you feel them in your body?
  • Are you shocked by how long you have been carrying these criticisms around with you?
  • Can you see how these criticisms impact which actions you choose to take in your life and which people you choose to spend time with?
  • Can you make an agreement with yourself that these criticisms have been a part of your inner dialogue for long enough?
  • That they do not serve you?
  • That they do not move you toward the life of your dreams?
  • That they do not help you better serve yourself, your family or your community?
  • Can you agree now to let these criticisms go? Shifting them to positive, supportive self-talk?

E. Self-love. Now that you can clearly see how these self-criticisms have been impacting your life, it is time to shift them. We will use the simple process of taking each of your 5 criticisms and converting them into positive, loving self-talk.

Do not worry about being boastful! You are an amazing human being who makes the world a better place. It is not only ok, but essential to your own health and the health of your community that you acknowledge your gifts and personal strengths.

Please take a moment to tranform your statements of inner criticism to statements of self-love. Write 5 self-loving statements.


  • “I am too ugly; no one will ever love me.”
    “I am a beautiful, loving woman and loving people are attracted to me wherever I go.”

This exercise might feel uncomfortable or unreal at first, because your statements are so incongruous with what you are feeling and observing in your life. However, stick with it. As the old neural pathways start to get rusty and be replaced by new neural pathways, these statements will feel more and more real and will be reflected back to you by your reality.

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