Essential Oil Science

Essential Oil Science

Essential oils have become a common alternative to prescription and over-the-counter medications, offering a wide range of aromas and therapeutic properties that are effective when dealing with myriad physical and emotional difficulties.

At BE Light, our formulation methods and workshop offerings are focused, not just on the emotional and spiritual associations of essential oils, but also on their chemistry. It is our belief that in understanding the science behind the oils, we can produce more powerfully therapeutic formulations.


3-Hour Workshop

This brief workshop is designed for those just starting to get curious about oils. You will learn what essential oils are; practices for their best use, application & dilution; and any important safety guidelines. We will explore 5-8 individual oils in depth, and have 2-3 blending exercises that will leave you with personalized homemade gifts.

1-Day Workshop

This 6-hour workshop dives more intensely into understanding essential oil production, environmental concerns, the importance of GC/MS testing, proper dilution ratios, safety concerns, and how chemical composition directly relates to therapeutic efficacy. We will explore 10-15 oils in depth and make 4-5 products to take home.

2-Day Workshop

For individuals serious about safely and effectively incorporating oils into their daily lives, these 12 hours will dive deeply into each oil’s precise chemistry. We will examine over 30 oils and consider several blending strategies; crafting 8-9 effective medicinal blends for many common daily complaints. 

Workshops can be tailored to the personal needs of any group.
Prices vary based on location, number of participants, and requested topics.
To find out more, to get a quote, or to request a workshop for a private event or school group, please contact us.


“Wide-Eyed & Feeling Great” Inhaler

Check out this quick video on how to make an essential oil inhaler.

Inhalers are so quick and easy to make, and yet they are so effective.

You will find many more quick and easy recipes like this one throughout each BE Light Essential Oil Workshop.

To learn more about essential oils from a scientific perspective, you may check out the BE Light blog series entitled “Get to Know Your Oils”.


BE Light Products

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