Session Expectations

***Please avoid wearing any perfumes or synthetic scents to your session, as your therapist has a serious chemical sensitivity.***


The Concept:
The technical basis upon which this modality rests, is the property of thixotropy; the ability of a mechanical force (i.e. heat, sustained pressure) to make a substance less viscous and more fluid. In the case of the human body, that substance is fascia. Fascia is a connective tissue matrix, that literally interweaves every cell and structure of your physical body, giving your body shape, integrity and allowing it to transmit and absorb force with minimal damage. In its best condition, it should be about 65% water, giving fluidity to the matrix within which the connective tissue proteins of the body (i.e. collagen, elastin) are suspended. While it works hard to give you biomechanical integrity, fascia too can get tired and over worked. It can create massive restrictions that not only house physical, but also emotional pain. My job is to help discover and eliminate these restrictions.

What to Expect:
There is no oil or cream utilized for true myofascial release work. The slow, sustained pressure of my hands, sometimes accompanied by range of motion, is what causes the tissue to move and unwind. This is NOT a ‘full body relaxation’ massage. While myofascial release can be extremely calming to the nervous system, this work is very specific; it is not about touching every part of the body in a single session, it is about accessing the areas most in need to create systemic change.

How to Prepare:
Please avoid using any lotions or moisturizers the day of your session. It is very difficult to do this work properly if the skin is slippery. Also, It is important that I see as much of your body as possible in order to do a complete postural and movement analysis. Please bring a change of clothes for your session that exposes as much skin as possible, while still allowing you to feel comfortable and covered. Women, ideally you would come prepared with a bikini, a bra and underwear or shorts and a sport bra or camisole. Men, ideally you would come prepared with loose fitting/flexible shorts, boxer briefs or a bathing suit.


What to Expect:
During this guided release session, we will be on the floor quite a bit, utilizing different mobility tools, searching for the spots that truly help us to unravel from the physical limitations and emotional residue that bind us and weigh us down.

How to Prepare:
Please wear, or bring with you, loose fitting, comfortable clothing that allows you to move through your full range of motion.

A Note about Pain:
Bodywork can be painful, as can the process of healing. In the therapy world, we like to distinguish between, and teach our clients the difference between two types of pain:

– Injurious Pain – sharp, burning, unbearable, sends you further into a stress response

– Therapeutic Pain – a hurt that feels good or necessary; painful yet tolerable and relieving in the end.

When receiving work or doing self-myofascial release, if anything hurts so much as to cause an adverse response, please stop or have your practitioner ease up. Bodywork is always more effective, and enjoyable, if you are able to breathe into the areas of discomfort.


What to Expect:
We will start with a brief interview and intention-setting. I will teach you the technique and then I will assist you with 45 minutes of active breathing. This will transition into 10-15 minutes of meditation and assimilation. We will end with feedback and closing thoughts.

How to Prepare:
Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. In order to fully access your diaphragm, you will not want to wear any restrictive clothing, especially around your waist, chest and throat. You may want to come prepared with an intention for your session.


What to Expect:
We will spend the first few minutes of the first session exploring the bowls, experiencing their weight and vibratory quality and getting you comfortable with the idea of having the bowls on your body.

How to Prepare:
You need to be as comfortable as possible for this session, as it will be difficult to fidget while the bowls are on top of you. Please come prepared with loose fitting, comfortable clothing, or know that you can choose to remove your clothes and be covered by a sheet during the session.

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