Sound Healing

Sound Bowl Therapy

A combination of vibration and sound, this modality sends gentle waves throughout the entire body. Hand-crafted brass bowls are placed on the body – along the spine, limbs, chest and abdomen – and gently struck with a mallet. The result is an incredibly relaxing experience that often brings the client into a meditative or sleep state. This therapy may be effective for mitigating anxiety, reducing stress, improving sleep and managing pain.


Customized Sound Bowl Session

A 60-minute session crafted specifically to your needs. For first-timers, this will include an introduction to the bowls and their vibratory quality; as well as an exploration of body positioning and bowl placement.

60-Minute Session  $150

Sound Bowl 3-Series

The more one experiences the bowls, the more effective the bowls become. To encourage this cumulative relaxation effect, I offer a 3-Series, consisting of one 1-hour session, every one to two weeks.

3 x 60-Minute Session $420
(3-Series must be used within 6 weeks)

Sound Bowl 5-Series

This package is the ultimate option for experiencing even greater potential for physiological benefit. The 5-Series offers five 1-hour sessions, to be used within a ten-week period.

5 x 60-Minute Session  $650
(5-Series must be used within 10 weeks)

Session Availability

Saturday; 10AM-2PM
Sunday; 11AM-8PM

Sacred Mantra Music Meditation

This is a beautiful, heart-centered, meditative experience; best enjoyed in a group dynamic. Sometimes droning, sometimes chanting, sometimes singing, together we use sacred sounds of ancient significance to join our hearts and our voices in a communion of shared intention.

Accompanied by the harmonium – and other instruments – in a call and response format, we use our time together to pray for an end to suffering, an integration of past wounds and the possibility of a more compassionate, loving world.

All are welcome and met with gratitude. Please bring your beautiful open hearts. No musical experience is necessary.

BE Light hosts Sacred Mantra Music Meditations at different locations throughout the year.
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